Anesthesia machine RIPE-A


  • dvanced versatile anesthesia machine, many working modes include IPPV(VC)/Manual/SIIV for your selection

  • 10.4" liquid crystal screen to show pressure and TV dual channel wave for the parameters are obvious to see

  • Adopts integrated computer controlled high speed data processing system with high reliability and advanced technology

RIPE-A anesthesia machine specifications

Anesthesia Machine
Power supply: 220V±10%. 50Hz±1Hz
Internal battery: DC12V(over 4 hours)
Power consumption: <50W

Patient type: Adult, Pediatric

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled
Mode: Semi-open, Semi-closed or closed system

Anesthesia Ventilator

Display: 10.4 TFT color screen
Waveform: P-t, V-t

Tidal volume: 20ml-1600ml
Respiratory frequency: 1 to 65bpm
l: E ratio: 4:1-1:4

Inspiration plateau: 0-50%Ti

Pressure high alarm limit: 2O-6OcmH2O
Pressure low alarm limit: 0-20cmH20
Trigger pressure: -20-20cmH20

Monitor parameters: respiratory frequency, tidal volume, MV, 02 concentration, Ppeak, PEEP, Pmean

Alarm parameters: Pressure high alarm, Pressure low alarm. OXygen concentration high alarm, OXygen concentration low alarm, MV high alarm, MV low alarm, O2 lost Alarm ,AC power lost alarm.

Alarm silence function

Main Unit
Circle absorber: compact circle absorber
Bellow: 0-1600ml

Flow meter (background light design): O2, N20 four-tube flowmeter

02 tube: 0L/min-1 L/min-10L/rnin

N20 tube: OL/min-1 L/min-10/min O2 and N2O Linkage
Device Adjust

O2 and N2O in proportion(O2 concentration is not lower than 25%)

Oxygen FLUSH: 35Umin-75Umin Gas source pressure:

O2: 0.27MPa-0.55MPa

N20: 0.27MPa-0.55MPa

Gauge: 4 units, two is for N20, two is for 02.

Anesthetic vaporizer: two vaporizers Halothane vaporizer, Enflurane Vaporizer, fsoflurane Vaporizer, and so on. PENLON vaporizer imported from UK is available.